Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sign Language

work it on soon... if you have any pictures or video send us add.

*Roller Derby

*Non-skating officials



  1. Please keep them coming! (Looking forward to the sign for "poodle.")

    - Rogzilla, Head NSO, Garden State Rollergirls (and starting sign language 101 this week)

  2. Hey this is awesome, I'm a derby skater just coming off maternity leave now and I'm signing with my son. Now I can teach him the most important signs!!!! Thanks

  3. Hey! I'm a freshmeat NSO for Mill City Mayhem in Longview, Wa. and am hearing impaired. My NSO position is inside white board operator. I am trying to work with the refs here to give me simple sign language so I can keep up with the board, but they need to realize, when we have a bout, it will be noiseyer and wont hear them well and sometimes, the penalty trackers gets confused. There are times I would hear the refs call but the penalty trackers don't and have to tell them. I would like to meet other deaf derby players and deaf NSO's. We have out NSO meetings on Thursdays. Hook up with me on facebook. www.facebook.com/gnildir or on Mill City Mayhem's facebook site. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mill-City-Mayhem-Roller-Derby/127756207285332

  4. I'm Fresh Meat with the Rolling Hills Derby Dames. I'm hard of hearing, and grew up signing quite a lot. I use the signs "hurt" and "okay" a lot in practice!